Thursday, October 18, 2012

so much....

so much has happened... welcome... sorry i was gone for so long. I went to oregon for awhile and now i am back in colorado. I am enjoying being back with my husband. Found out that BB ( belly baby) is a little girl . We do have a name but its a secret for now.  I was selected to be part of the smiley 360 blogger circle so get ready for some awesome reviews!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shout out!

This is a shout out to all my non US readers... I have noticed i have readers from Australia, Germany, Russia, and south korea! Thank you all for tuning in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day in paradise?

Good Afternoon everyone.  I guess it would be classified as afternoon and not morning since it is 12:08 haha.

Havent been doing much. I am in a small podunk town out in the middle of no where.. Its the end of the pay period so for all the military families that read this knows that it means i dont have much spending cash.. lol So shopping is out. Although i did go second handing today and found a cute shirt to hopefully cover the belly.

Speaking of which. I am beginning to feel him or her a little more. Usually when i have caffiene.  Only a week and a half till i find out if its a boy or girl. I am pretty excited. This is our last one so this is my last time going through all these emotions, and doing it while away from your husband sucks!

L is not taking his sister being gone very well. he wants her home and now. lol He hasnt been sleeping well or playing well. But its interesting to see that both L and little A and not getting in trouble as much with out the other one around.

Anyways... not a whole lot to report on this end... MS appt the end of the week... other then that nothing... lol

Talk to ya all soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

wits end.

I have gotten to the point that i cant stand facebook. I cant stand the whining... I cant read peoples blogs... i cant do much online.

There is this girl... we used to be friends... shes pissed cause im pregnant and have 2 kids and she cant have kids.. I am sorry that god chose for it to happen that way and i would help her if i could... but honestly to be a bitch because i can have kids and you cant... Way to go and be a mature person!

There is this girl whose husband is my husbands best friend. She told my husband when we first started dating that i was just like his ex wife. ( NOT COOL) then i forgave her.. I tried sooo hard to be nice.. to ignore the fact she is a horrible mother.. ( her kids get into everything..... its called lack of parenting.) Anyways.. she did nothing but talk bad about everyone and then decided that she was gonna be best friends with the 1 person my husband can not stand. ( his ex wife, we have been working for 6 yrs to get out of debt because of her). So we politely ask that she not mention us in any way or to allow pictures of us or ours to land up in her hands- SHE BLEW UP. literaly, you dont trust us.. and blah blah blah... needless to say she thinks i am now a stalker... hahahah.. cant wait till i find all the websites we have connected and get rid of her.. she is way tooo much drama for me. ALthough i do wish i could tell her to get over her self. lol


On a lighter note..  its been 16 days since i have seen my husband.  this being seperated sucks. but i am getting the care i need.  12 more days till we find out if little one is a boy or girl.

My hands have been itching soooo bad. the cholestasis test came back neg. thankfully! but it could come back pos later.

Ms is going good. i have an appt with my dr on friday. hopefully it goes good.

We have not given up on our compassionate reassignment.  We are hoping to get a letter of recommendation  from EFMP on tuesday. it will help us get out of colorado and back to washington! I have noticed everything is much better here. My ms. My hyperemesis. Tons of things... which is wonderful!

Little is camping this weekend. She is having a blast! L on the other hand is not happy his papa and nana are not around.. and yes he is missing his sister.   They both miss their daddy sooo much.

anyways... heres my venting, bitching, update blog.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So i decided to jump in and read this book! Let me tell you! It normally isnt my type of reading as i am not one for vampire stories... BUT, i hope there is more to come. This book hooked me from the beginning and i cant wait for more. At first i was a little sad at what happens ( dont want to give out details) but towards the middle of the book everything comes to light. I realize that what is happening is supposed to happen.

I could go on and on about this book but i dont want to take away from letting the book drag you into the story.

The details are great and it makes you think you can picture the people in your mind. I felt connected to Caroline.

Give it a try, i will definitely be picking up any other books by this author!

Wanna buy your own copy!?!?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG my hair is falling out.... seriously i have taken about 3 handfulls of hair off my head today... this is NOT ok... i have thin hair as it is..... :(

I mean is this normal during pregnancy to lose hair? i didnt with little A and L.....

Home made chicken noodle soup and biscuits today! YUM!!!!
Oh today has been a semi good day, I had pt this morning so big A had to take care of the kiddos.... but now i dont feel soo good.. i feel like i am getting the flu.. i really dont wont the flu... I do have a dr appt tomorrow yay!  Intake at the obgyn clinic... not sure what it is for... i guess i have never done an intake?   then friday my husband should be off a little early.. but of course you know the military and letting guys off early.

On a better note my husband is starting to ask what is going on with out reassignment... lets hope him asking questions is gonna get the paperwork moving faster! anyways.. i am off to lay on the couch!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good evening! oh its been a long day... but i have my kids, my husband and my pillow, lol oh my pillow..... lol

i think this pregnancy exhaustion is getting to me!!! lol

on a better note.. my intake appt is thursday...

So tonight i gave L his cup he looks at me and says " thank you" which is totally awesome cause logan hardly talks!!!  he is growing up sooooo fast.
So sorry its been a couple of days... i have been really tired.. I found out i am 5weeks pregnant with number 3! yay!!!!!! i am sooo very excited. L and little a keep walking around saying baby.. which is a huge deal for L.

Im hoping for girl... Big A. for a boy obviously. lol  Anyways.. that is what i have been doing..  Hope all is well with you readers!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well its been awhile since i have posted.. SOrry guys.. I got really sick and was in a lot of pain so i was off the internet for awhile! But i am back and in full force.

I was asked why i havent been posting in all the other blogs i use.. well cause this is my blog and i enjoy this site.. Its much easier for me to use.

I got the kids some metal tonka trucks.. lets just say i am soooo glad they are metal they have been beat and bumped, and tossed around.. but yet nothing.. I sooo miss that quality of toys.

 Well we put in for our reassignment just waiting for it to go through. No news yet besides my husbands unit having to redo the paper work 4385789346598345 times because they cant do it right the first time.

So this last month we went to vail 2x. It was a blast! the first time we didnt have much money ( you know the military makes soooo much!) so we couldnt do much but the gondola is free after 2 so we got to go to the top of the mountain. While L and little A stayed in daycare. They had some awesome intertubing up on the mountain that i wanted to go on but like i said not much money.Here is a picture of vail!

The 2nd time we went  we took the kids up the gondola.. OMG was that a blast.. THEY LOVED IT! I couldnt get L to look away from the window.   Little A didnt wanna get off! lol We got up to the top of the mountain and they played in the snow ( what was left). The snow was melting sooo fast, it was the weekend they were closing the mountain.