Tuesday, December 21, 2010

need my meds upped again... i cant do much more of this... thank god for tricare.

Monday, December 20, 2010

totally irratated... My husband refuses to let anything go. We dont have the storage to hold on to things that are not being used.. I have down sized everything i own that is valuable to me to 1 box.. and i still go through it and get rid of things..  My husband has 43095874398759384758496798347659436 million boxes of stuff just sitting around. I am so tired of holding on to shit. shit we dont need.  he doesnt know where to store any of it? get rid of shit and you will know where to store it.  im just irratated. My husband takes all fucking week to clean a kitchen. to do anything he takes forever.. i love him but i wish he would pull his weight around here. Granted he works but i take care of 2 kids and my medical stuff.. he works and sits on his ass...  this may be just a vent post.. but im just so tired of not getting any help.