Thursday, November 03, 2011

Looking back.

Looking back in my life there are so many moments when i think WTF was i thinking?  Like seriously?

Ill describe a few of them for you all...

Whatonka high school grade 9. I wasnt popular.. i didnt have many friends but the friends i did have i thought cared.  They werent the best people in the world and if given the chance today, would i be friends with them? NO. Would i want my kids to be friends with them? NO. But i was young and rebellious so i did what they wanted me to do. I was tired of moving.. i just wanted friends. I missed my friends from my old school so i thought this was the way to do it. There are many times i held drugs for my friends or kept them in my locker. I would go home and wash my clothes and my hands afraid someone might smell it or see it, likes its written on my forehead or something.

Simms high school Grade 10-11.  Kevin Bobick... What can i say.. A cowboy in tight jeans... hell i dont know what i was thinking.. he was a twin but his twin was sooooo much cuter! lol I sit back now and i look at his picture and i seriously just want to hit myself. I got alot of shit in school about it, because a few letters i wrote to "friends" landed up in his hands... Yup that was fun.. Kinda like getting a pap smear. lol
I had 1 or 2 awesome friends there. They were great influences in my life. I am still friends with a few of them and they have touched my life more then they know. So if you went to this school you know who you are!

Milwaukie high. Grade 12.  Wow.. that was a crazy year. All my friends that i had... always at peoples houses.. But the funny thing most of them all younger. My bests were freshman my senior.  But they have stuck around. There were fights over guys... and fights over stupid stuff but we always worked it out.  But one that sticks out.. Mikey. WTH was i thinking? Oh yeah.. the bad boy image.. seriously? why would i want someone who was in and out of jail, couldnt stay in school. Hell he didnt even really know anything.  I am glad i finally figured that one out!

Now on to some major learning stones and mistakes.

Philip. WTF again? why? was it was because he was older? that independent nature? I dont know what it was, but at that time apparently i wanted to be with a married man... I was THAT woman.. I now apologize to his ex wife I truely am sorry.

Alex... He will always have a place in my heart.. Always.. i cant really say anything bad about him because he was such a big part of my life. But he used me. He used me for his pleasure and broke my heart.

Nate. Again he will always hold a place in my heart. He was a marine... Alas it wasnt meant to be... Again broken heart.

There are many things i have done that i think back on and im like WTF.. i just dont get what i was thinking....  I hope my children learn from my mistakes and actually listen to my husband and i like i didnt my parents...  Anyways.. heres a little look into my past.