Saturday, January 15, 2011

a little post..

So tonight alaina woke up after being asleep for a few hours.. i think she has night terrors... Well anyways... instead of yelling mama.... she yelled dada... totally made aarons night... but almost made me cry...

thankful for...

Today i am thankful for being with my best friend... NO matter how tough times get or how stressed we are all it takes is a hug from him and i am ok... I love him sooo very much...

Oh another morning...

Another morning.. I am soo tired. My pills work from like 3 am on.. lol Aaron is nice enough to let me sleep in. Even tho i dont sleep i just listen to him and alaina.. lol My dr is going to have to get things right soon.

If things continue going down hill i might talk to aaron about a compassionate relocation back to washington so my parents can be there to help me.. I know we just left there and i know he hates the unit but so far i have been diagnosed with
and were working on bipolar..

Thats alot for one person to handle on their own.. I know my husband has a lot of pressure on him and i love him soo very much for every thing he does. Even if i dont show it enough.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My vent for the day..

My vent for today is...

If you cant afford the 2 kids you have... you shouldnt have more!

thankful for....

Today i am thankful for my kitty who no matter where life takes us and who comes and goes she is always by my side and loves me....


Hello everyone. had sooo much running around to do today. I didnt sleep well so i am dragging butt and i feel like i am in the worst mood ever. Just trying not to take everything out on everyone else!

I got a new vacuum today! i am sooo excited.. my vacuum was dieing and this one works!!! yay!!!

bought a new juice called Naked Juice.. its got fruits and veggies in it.. it actually isnt that bad! aaron doesnt like it tho.. lol

Im hosting a scentsy party! i am sooo excited.. i dont know many people here... but its online so people all over can buy! i love scentsy!

if you wanna buy! lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011

thankful for....

Today i am thankful for loving parents that love me no matter how stubborn i am! Love you mom and dad.


Good morning everyone! Today sucks. I am soooo tired. The kids didnt want to sleep after aaron got up. My cold still isnt gone.. its like each day that i wake up to call and reschedule things i feel like crap. Maybe one day! lol So i am going to be going back to the dr this coming week to go over my meds they put me on. There is a few things i want to talk to the dr about.. Some things i am curious about.

We still have tons of snow.. it has been way to cold for alaina to go out and play.. like -5 cold! That is cold.. but yet i am still wearing shorts and tank tops.. I just cant bring myself to wear long sleeves. Its a different kind of weather here. Kinda like montana. I miss there..

Alaina's new word... MOM.... MOM.... MOM.... sometimes i pretend that the word MOM doesnt exist.. lol... The funny thing is she calls my mom, MOM. lol  She misses my parents sooo very much. Cant wait to go back and visit. Even tho that visit is gonna be hard cause i know what happens after it.

Logan is doing great.. getting soooo big! I love waking up to his smiles! He is such a talker to me. He loves his mama!

Anyways... off for now.. Please dont be shy... drop a note and say hi!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

thankful for....

Today i am thankful for my wonderful kids who love their mommy unconditionally.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

thankful for....

Today i am thankful for the wonderful home my husband provides for me and my beautiful babies..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Each day i am thankful for.

Today i am thankful for being able to sleep in my husbands arms... I love him so very much...