Thursday, March 03, 2011

i feel soo bad.

I feel so bad. Aaron was looking forward to the jeff dunham show tonight, but our sitter just has strep throat and i havent been able to find another sitter so we have to either try to sell the tickets or forfit the money spent on them.. which bites cause i spent over 100 on them.  I know he was really excited. I told him to go with out me but he wont. So maybe i will be able to sell them and at a later date be able to go out to eat. This was supposed to be our valentines/ anni date since we missed valentines and will miss our anniversary.

Life blows sometimes.... Honey if you read this... Im sorry.

I should add.. that i in no way think laura is faking... im just sad cause nothing ever goes our way when we have something planned... ever! so i guess i was just venting.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


so much to do today.. i have alainas hearing appt at 130 and then i have to rush home.. i got something very important to pick up today.. i also get to go to town today! yay!!!!