Wednesday, February 02, 2011

tired of drs....

Ya know i dont understand why drs treat things that they dont want to diagnose... its like really? My dr is treating bipolar.. but he doesnt wanna diagnose it.. and i want him to if he is gonna treat it.. I am trying to get social security and i think it will help.
already on my ss case

 And i think adding bipolar will even help more..

Not that i WANT to have bipolar... but if your gonna treat it.... diagnose it...

ON another topic.. my neighbor is playing his music or tv bass way too high.....


hes gone... I wont get to see him till the end of the month.. I miss him like crazy.. and it never gets any easier...

What really drives me crazy is when i hear people say omg i havent talked to my bf all day.. or i miss my bf or husband hes at work and i cant see him

Well guess what.. here it is a whole month... and i prolly wont get to talk to him at all let alone a text message.

We got a new doggie its still a puppy so it still does puppy stuff... his name is bruno!

anyways... off to go make dinner....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Oh even better....

no one is home... but my husband gets to stand around and do nothing till someone figures out wth is going on... yay freaking me.. he still doesnt know if he gets to come home so i can take my cat to the vet... Ill be pissed if i have to miss this appt.. My cat has a lump on her side... she is my world right along with my family. I got her when i was diagnosed with MS.  so she means alot to me.... I would be devestated that if she dies because my husbands unit wont let him off so i can take her to the vet... trust me they will have a very pissed off wife.

so freaking irratated..

Yeah so my husband leaves tomorrow.. and everyone has today off except a select few.. and guess whose in it? yeah my husband... Instead of putting the single men on this detail they put married men with kids... I am soo freaking mad...

I have to some how take my cat to the vet at 1. lets hope my husband gets to come home.. cause i dont have any carseats nor do i have a car to take my cat there.. Im just pissed.

Monday, January 31, 2011

so sooon.

I am not excited... my husband leaves sooooon. Im sad.. i am gonna miss him alot.

a great idea!

So i have this wood end table that my parents got me.. I have the best idea for it.. i was gonna get a coffee table BUT...... I am gonna paint it black add a piece of wood under the glass so it has like a small space between the glass and wood. I am going to print out pictures of the kids and put it under the glass.. I think its gonna look awesome!