Thursday, February 16, 2012


SO Big A and i have decided that we want to try again...  month 3 we get 2 pos. blood test comes back and they say no...  no clue why i would get 2 pos tests ( 1 at home 1 at dr) and then a neg blood test... im not on any meds or diets so nothing to affect it... unless we are having a MC. but i dont know how between a 2 hour difference we can go from 25lvl to a <2 lvl. i am sooo frustrated.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

its been awhile!

Well Its been awhile...

So whats new with me?

a whole lot of nothing! lol  doesnt that sound boring? to me it does!

we are trying to get a compassionate reassignment... we will see if that happens.. if not were stuck here till oct. oh joy.

we have a new dog. and a new cat.

Little A can count and spell.
Little L. well he can just about run now!