Sunday, October 16, 2011

give me the strength.

I have been waking up from my very few and sparatic  hours of sleep i get in pain. This morning it was my whole right side. Please think of me and give me the strength to push the pain to the side and be able to get up with my kids tomorrow.. Please let the pain come back on a day that i can just take and lay in bed, and please hurry my husband home so we can get things taken care of and get back home where i have help if i need it like i do now. I thank all of my friends who have been there and offered to help in many ways... With out you this deployment would be unbareable. To my parents who put up with 938598437598348534 calls a day... I love you so very much and miss you guys like crazy.. I hope my siblings look at what they have and see that everyday they dont take the time to talk to you or say i love you is a day lost... What i would give to just give you guys a hug. To my husband  YOU are my reason... you are my love and i miss you so very much.

Thank you to all my readers.. there may not be many of you but if you do read... thank you!

My husband.

My husband is a simple man,  He loves outdoors, cooking, camping, fishing, and cars..  I love him so very much. We are currently in our 3rd deployment and every time he leaves i realize how much i love him. How much he means to me. Just how close of a friend he is.. today i am just emotional.