Thursday, October 18, 2012

so much....

so much has happened... welcome... sorry i was gone for so long. I went to oregon for awhile and now i am back in colorado. I am enjoying being back with my husband. Found out that BB ( belly baby) is a little girl . We do have a name but its a secret for now.  I was selected to be part of the smiley 360 blogger circle so get ready for some awesome reviews!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shout out!

This is a shout out to all my non US readers... I have noticed i have readers from Australia, Germany, Russia, and south korea! Thank you all for tuning in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day in paradise?

Good Afternoon everyone.  I guess it would be classified as afternoon and not morning since it is 12:08 haha.

Havent been doing much. I am in a small podunk town out in the middle of no where.. Its the end of the pay period so for all the military families that read this knows that it means i dont have much spending cash.. lol So shopping is out. Although i did go second handing today and found a cute shirt to hopefully cover the belly.

Speaking of which. I am beginning to feel him or her a little more. Usually when i have caffiene.  Only a week and a half till i find out if its a boy or girl. I am pretty excited. This is our last one so this is my last time going through all these emotions, and doing it while away from your husband sucks!

L is not taking his sister being gone very well. he wants her home and now. lol He hasnt been sleeping well or playing well. But its interesting to see that both L and little A and not getting in trouble as much with out the other one around.

Anyways... not a whole lot to report on this end... MS appt the end of the week... other then that nothing... lol

Talk to ya all soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

wits end.

I have gotten to the point that i cant stand facebook. I cant stand the whining... I cant read peoples blogs... i cant do much online.

There is this girl... we used to be friends... shes pissed cause im pregnant and have 2 kids and she cant have kids.. I am sorry that god chose for it to happen that way and i would help her if i could... but honestly to be a bitch because i can have kids and you cant... Way to go and be a mature person!

There is this girl whose husband is my husbands best friend. She told my husband when we first started dating that i was just like his ex wife. ( NOT COOL) then i forgave her.. I tried sooo hard to be nice.. to ignore the fact she is a horrible mother.. ( her kids get into everything..... its called lack of parenting.) Anyways.. she did nothing but talk bad about everyone and then decided that she was gonna be best friends with the 1 person my husband can not stand. ( his ex wife, we have been working for 6 yrs to get out of debt because of her). So we politely ask that she not mention us in any way or to allow pictures of us or ours to land up in her hands- SHE BLEW UP. literaly, you dont trust us.. and blah blah blah... needless to say she thinks i am now a stalker... hahahah.. cant wait till i find all the websites we have connected and get rid of her.. she is way tooo much drama for me. ALthough i do wish i could tell her to get over her self. lol


On a lighter note..  its been 16 days since i have seen my husband.  this being seperated sucks. but i am getting the care i need.  12 more days till we find out if little one is a boy or girl.

My hands have been itching soooo bad. the cholestasis test came back neg. thankfully! but it could come back pos later.

Ms is going good. i have an appt with my dr on friday. hopefully it goes good.

We have not given up on our compassionate reassignment.  We are hoping to get a letter of recommendation  from EFMP on tuesday. it will help us get out of colorado and back to washington! I have noticed everything is much better here. My ms. My hyperemesis. Tons of things... which is wonderful!

Little is camping this weekend. She is having a blast! L on the other hand is not happy his papa and nana are not around.. and yes he is missing his sister.   They both miss their daddy sooo much.

anyways... heres my venting, bitching, update blog.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So i decided to jump in and read this book! Let me tell you! It normally isnt my type of reading as i am not one for vampire stories... BUT, i hope there is more to come. This book hooked me from the beginning and i cant wait for more. At first i was a little sad at what happens ( dont want to give out details) but towards the middle of the book everything comes to light. I realize that what is happening is supposed to happen.

I could go on and on about this book but i dont want to take away from letting the book drag you into the story.

The details are great and it makes you think you can picture the people in your mind. I felt connected to Caroline.

Give it a try, i will definitely be picking up any other books by this author!

Wanna buy your own copy!?!?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OMG my hair is falling out.... seriously i have taken about 3 handfulls of hair off my head today... this is NOT ok... i have thin hair as it is..... :(

I mean is this normal during pregnancy to lose hair? i didnt with little A and L.....

Home made chicken noodle soup and biscuits today! YUM!!!!
Oh today has been a semi good day, I had pt this morning so big A had to take care of the kiddos.... but now i dont feel soo good.. i feel like i am getting the flu.. i really dont wont the flu... I do have a dr appt tomorrow yay!  Intake at the obgyn clinic... not sure what it is for... i guess i have never done an intake?   then friday my husband should be off a little early.. but of course you know the military and letting guys off early.

On a better note my husband is starting to ask what is going on with out reassignment... lets hope him asking questions is gonna get the paperwork moving faster! anyways.. i am off to lay on the couch!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good evening! oh its been a long day... but i have my kids, my husband and my pillow, lol oh my pillow..... lol

i think this pregnancy exhaustion is getting to me!!! lol

on a better note.. my intake appt is thursday...

So tonight i gave L his cup he looks at me and says " thank you" which is totally awesome cause logan hardly talks!!!  he is growing up sooooo fast.
So sorry its been a couple of days... i have been really tired.. I found out i am 5weeks pregnant with number 3! yay!!!!!! i am sooo very excited. L and little a keep walking around saying baby.. which is a huge deal for L.

Im hoping for girl... Big A. for a boy obviously. lol  Anyways.. that is what i have been doing..  Hope all is well with you readers!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well its been awhile since i have posted.. SOrry guys.. I got really sick and was in a lot of pain so i was off the internet for awhile! But i am back and in full force.

I was asked why i havent been posting in all the other blogs i use.. well cause this is my blog and i enjoy this site.. Its much easier for me to use.

I got the kids some metal tonka trucks.. lets just say i am soooo glad they are metal they have been beat and bumped, and tossed around.. but yet nothing.. I sooo miss that quality of toys.

 Well we put in for our reassignment just waiting for it to go through. No news yet besides my husbands unit having to redo the paper work 4385789346598345 times because they cant do it right the first time.

So this last month we went to vail 2x. It was a blast! the first time we didnt have much money ( you know the military makes soooo much!) so we couldnt do much but the gondola is free after 2 so we got to go to the top of the mountain. While L and little A stayed in daycare. They had some awesome intertubing up on the mountain that i wanted to go on but like i said not much money.Here is a picture of vail!

The 2nd time we went  we took the kids up the gondola.. OMG was that a blast.. THEY LOVED IT! I couldnt get L to look away from the window.   Little A didnt wanna get off! lol We got up to the top of the mountain and they played in the snow ( what was left). The snow was melting sooo fast, it was the weekend they were closing the mountain.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

so tired....

so today has already started off bad... didnt really sleep well last night as my back was killing me!

  hoping to get to go second handing today...  well see if that happens... supposed to go with a friend... if not then ill go by myself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

family isnt who you think it is...

A few years ago... some people in my "family" thought it was uncool to learn about my pregnancy via facebook... Yeah it was wrong.. i understand that... i apologized...  but when they turned around and decided to make me find out about an engagement via facebook but they get mad when i was upset about it? yeah... totally fucked up... SO today i have learned... My family consists of my parents.. my kids... my husband whom i love more then life its self, and my friends who have always been there for me... So i hope you realize who you are and what you mean to me....  If you dont know feel free to ask what you mean...  I am all for announcing things to friends via facebook if they arent around but seriously? you bitch at people because they did something and make them feel horrible for it.. but yet you do it and dont freaking care what others think? yeah... really nice.... 

 I am off to bed... i dont need stress and my arms are killing me... 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

shameless plug!

One of my favorite blogs to follow... No you dont have to tell her i sent you.. but she is a writer with published works... Has a few novellas coming out and i have had the chance to meet her face to face.. She is a fellow military wife and a mom. She is a college student while doing all of this.  She isnt afraid to tell you how it is or be harsh...  ( Love that!) And we tend to have some stuff in common.. so hop over and check her out!

what a night!

So last night was rougher then rough! Little A decided she was going to cry in her sleep all night... and some of you might recall she sleeps in our room. SO needless to say she wakes Big A and i up. NOT FUN.

Tonight my husband is making pulled BBQ Chicken! Yay i looooooove BBQ Chicken!

He just put some Chicken Breasts ( boneless skinless) in the crock pot.. put a little bit of water and dumped some BBQ sauce in it! Gonna cook it all day today!!!! My mouth it watering just thinking of it!!! lol

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Contest!

who likes scentsy and bath and body works???? I have some stuff i am gonna give away in a contest!!!! Here is how the contest works... Who ever refers the most people to my Blog or facebook page... by the 24th... ( must like page.... and comment on wall with YOUR name or follow blog and post on this post in the comments)  will get their choice of a full size bath and body works out of my lot, or 5 hand sanitizers or 1 bar of scentsy.. or 3 white lid testers... I will have them all typed out.. 2nd place will get 3 hand sanitizers, or 1 bar, or 2 testers... So from today till the 24th!!! spread the word!!!!!!!!!!

My nephew called a retard... NOT OK!

Katie ( last name removed)
A Michaels store cashier called my son a “Retard” here is the story of what happened!

On Monday my husband, my son and myself all went to Michaels in Longview to get some supplies to make my son Elijah “eli” a pre-school bulletin board to have here at the house. My son who does have special needs… Eli has what is known as Sensory Processing Disorder and is also mildly autistic. While waiting in line Eli saw an Iron Man coloring book by the register. He asked if he could have it and when my husband told him “no” because we were going to get to Target next to buy him the movie “Cars 2” my son began to have a meltdown. Now I don’t know how many of you have seen or been around a child with special needs who has a full blown meltdown but they get very loud, very aggressive with hitting, kicking, biting and screaming… and it can last for literally hours if they get upset enough.
As soon as Eli started to get upset and started to scream my husband picked him up and quickly carried him towards the store doors and was taking him outside to help calm him down. We did not want to disturb the other customers or the employees and we wanted to quickly as possible calm our son. I stayed in line to pay for our purchases. As my husband was heading to the door the Cashier for Michaels whose name is “Colleen” looked at my son and then said quite loudly to the lady who she was currently ringing up “Can’t that retarded kid walk” and she nodded at my son. She said it loud enough that I heard her clear as a bell and I was behind 3 other ladies in her line.
When I got up to the register she smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I told her I needed to speak with a manager because the child she had just been rude about was my son. She looked at me and LAUGHED and said “oh I’m sorry bout that…are you washington or oregon resident?” and she started to ring up my purchases. She was NOT taking me seriously at all. I told her again I wanted a manager. She then paged Fern the store manager who told her that she was also on a register and it would be a minute. I told the cashier I would wait to speak with Fern. As I was signing my reciept Fern walked over to the register and before I could even say a word to her the cashier waved her away and indicated that everything had been taken care of. I again asked the cashier to re-page the manager.I was asked to wait right inside the doors of the store and that she would get her.
More than 10 minutes went by and I was still waiting. At that point another employee came over and asked if I needed any help. I told her I needed to speak with a manager because Colleen had just insulted my son. That employee paged Fern who then came up and spoke with me. I told Fern the entire story just as I have told you and I told her that the cashier had called my son a “retard” and that I expected something to be done about it. I was ASSURED and GUARANTEED that she would personally take care of it and that the employee would be disciplined. I left the store and went home. That was Monday. That night I also sent Corporate an e-mail explaining what had happened and as of 5 minutes ago I still HAVE NOT heard back from them about it.
On Wednesday I heard from a friend who was in the store that Colleen was working the register. I was very upset because I expected a woman who calls a child a retard to be fired. I called and spoke with Fern again. She told me that she had written Fern up and that was all she felt needed to be done. I asked for a corporate or a district managers phone number. After a few minutes of me asking I was NOT given a number but was personally guaranteed by Fern that the district manager would be in the store on Thursday and that she would have her call me and talk with me directly. So today (Thursday) I waited all day for a call from the district manager and I did not get one. At 3:00pm I called the store and again spoke with the manager Fern who informed me that the District manager HAD been in the store and had already left. Fern told me that the District Manager had not felt it was high enough on her priority list to call me directly and for Fern to deal with it herself. Fern then went on to tell me that she felt she had dealt with the situation in an acceptable matter by writing the employee up. I asked her what the write up consisted of and she told me that basically they scolded the employee told her not to be rude and had her sign a paper saying she had been spoken to about the matter. She was then allowed to go back to her register.
I had to threaten to call the news station today just to get a phone number for the district manager. Fern is also trying to say that her employee would NEVER call a child such a name and that I was just upset and not being rational and that she could not fire her employee without corporate approval however she did not feel her employee did anything that required being fired. She then began to argue with me saying I needed to let it go, be happy with how it was handled and basically that NOTHING was going to be done about it. Fern is now backing up her employee!! Before I hung up with her she did ask that I not make this a public manner because she did not want negative publicity for herself, the store employee or the store in general. YES she actually asked me to please keep what had happened quiet and NOT tell anyone.
I finally got a number for the district manager and I left her a voice mail. She did call me back and she said she would need at least several days because I was telling her a different story than she had heard from the store manager. The District manager also gave the impression that she was not concerned about the way my son was treated and she also tried to tell me the situation had been taken care of by giving the employee a verbal warning. I have been blown off by the store manager, district manager and Corporate.
The worst part about this is that my son was not all the way out of the store when the cashier called him the name and later that night Eli came up to me and asked me “Mommy why I a retard?” now I ask you all….how do I answer that? I have had several of my family call the store and they were also given the run around by the store manager Fern. Fern even went so far as to hang up on people who have called. I have called the news papers, the local news stations and all of them have told me the same thing. They can’t run a story on this because it is my word against the store employee. I am asking that everyone who feels this is wrong to please call the store manager Fern and let her know it is not ok to protect an employee who calls special needs children “retarded”.
My son is beautiful, he is amazing, he has his own special light that makes everyone who meets him fall in love with him! For him to be called something as horrible as “Retarded” is not right and I think the woman who said this should be fired!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


SO Big A and i have decided that we want to try again...  month 3 we get 2 pos. blood test comes back and they say no...  no clue why i would get 2 pos tests ( 1 at home 1 at dr) and then a neg blood test... im not on any meds or diets so nothing to affect it... unless we are having a MC. but i dont know how between a 2 hour difference we can go from 25lvl to a <2 lvl. i am sooo frustrated.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

its been awhile!

Well Its been awhile...

So whats new with me?

a whole lot of nothing! lol  doesnt that sound boring? to me it does!

we are trying to get a compassionate reassignment... we will see if that happens.. if not were stuck here till oct. oh joy.

we have a new dog. and a new cat.

Little A can count and spell.
Little L. well he can just about run now!