Sunday, July 29, 2012

wits end.

I have gotten to the point that i cant stand facebook. I cant stand the whining... I cant read peoples blogs... i cant do much online.

There is this girl... we used to be friends... shes pissed cause im pregnant and have 2 kids and she cant have kids.. I am sorry that god chose for it to happen that way and i would help her if i could... but honestly to be a bitch because i can have kids and you cant... Way to go and be a mature person!

There is this girl whose husband is my husbands best friend. She told my husband when we first started dating that i was just like his ex wife. ( NOT COOL) then i forgave her.. I tried sooo hard to be nice.. to ignore the fact she is a horrible mother.. ( her kids get into everything..... its called lack of parenting.) Anyways.. she did nothing but talk bad about everyone and then decided that she was gonna be best friends with the 1 person my husband can not stand. ( his ex wife, we have been working for 6 yrs to get out of debt because of her). So we politely ask that she not mention us in any way or to allow pictures of us or ours to land up in her hands- SHE BLEW UP. literaly, you dont trust us.. and blah blah blah... needless to say she thinks i am now a stalker... hahahah.. cant wait till i find all the websites we have connected and get rid of her.. she is way tooo much drama for me. ALthough i do wish i could tell her to get over her self. lol


On a lighter note..  its been 16 days since i have seen my husband.  this being seperated sucks. but i am getting the care i need.  12 more days till we find out if little one is a boy or girl.

My hands have been itching soooo bad. the cholestasis test came back neg. thankfully! but it could come back pos later.

Ms is going good. i have an appt with my dr on friday. hopefully it goes good.

We have not given up on our compassionate reassignment.  We are hoping to get a letter of recommendation  from EFMP on tuesday. it will help us get out of colorado and back to washington! I have noticed everything is much better here. My ms. My hyperemesis. Tons of things... which is wonderful!

Little is camping this weekend. She is having a blast! L on the other hand is not happy his papa and nana are not around.. and yes he is missing his sister.   They both miss their daddy sooo much.

anyways... heres my venting, bitching, update blog.

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