Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day in paradise?

Good Afternoon everyone.  I guess it would be classified as afternoon and not morning since it is 12:08 haha.

Havent been doing much. I am in a small podunk town out in the middle of no where.. Its the end of the pay period so for all the military families that read this knows that it means i dont have much spending cash.. lol So shopping is out. Although i did go second handing today and found a cute shirt to hopefully cover the belly.

Speaking of which. I am beginning to feel him or her a little more. Usually when i have caffiene.  Only a week and a half till i find out if its a boy or girl. I am pretty excited. This is our last one so this is my last time going through all these emotions, and doing it while away from your husband sucks!

L is not taking his sister being gone very well. he wants her home and now. lol He hasnt been sleeping well or playing well. But its interesting to see that both L and little A and not getting in trouble as much with out the other one around.

Anyways... not a whole lot to report on this end... MS appt the end of the week... other then that nothing... lol

Talk to ya all soon.

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