Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well its been awhile since i have posted.. SOrry guys.. I got really sick and was in a lot of pain so i was off the internet for awhile! But i am back and in full force.

I was asked why i havent been posting in all the other blogs i use.. well cause this is my blog and i enjoy this site.. Its much easier for me to use.

I got the kids some metal tonka trucks.. lets just say i am soooo glad they are metal they have been beat and bumped, and tossed around.. but yet nothing.. I sooo miss that quality of toys.

 Well we put in for our reassignment just waiting for it to go through. No news yet besides my husbands unit having to redo the paper work 4385789346598345 times because they cant do it right the first time.

So this last month we went to vail 2x. It was a blast! the first time we didnt have much money ( you know the military makes soooo much!) so we couldnt do much but the gondola is free after 2 so we got to go to the top of the mountain. While L and little A stayed in daycare. They had some awesome intertubing up on the mountain that i wanted to go on but like i said not much money.Here is a picture of vail!

The 2nd time we went  we took the kids up the gondola.. OMG was that a blast.. THEY LOVED IT! I couldnt get L to look away from the window.   Little A didnt wanna get off! lol We got up to the top of the mountain and they played in the snow ( what was left). The snow was melting sooo fast, it was the weekend they were closing the mountain.

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