Thursday, January 13, 2011


Good morning everyone! Today sucks. I am soooo tired. The kids didnt want to sleep after aaron got up. My cold still isnt gone.. its like each day that i wake up to call and reschedule things i feel like crap. Maybe one day! lol So i am going to be going back to the dr this coming week to go over my meds they put me on. There is a few things i want to talk to the dr about.. Some things i am curious about.

We still have tons of snow.. it has been way to cold for alaina to go out and play.. like -5 cold! That is cold.. but yet i am still wearing shorts and tank tops.. I just cant bring myself to wear long sleeves. Its a different kind of weather here. Kinda like montana. I miss there..

Alaina's new word... MOM.... MOM.... MOM.... sometimes i pretend that the word MOM doesnt exist.. lol... The funny thing is she calls my mom, MOM. lol  She misses my parents sooo very much. Cant wait to go back and visit. Even tho that visit is gonna be hard cause i know what happens after it.

Logan is doing great.. getting soooo big! I love waking up to his smiles! He is such a talker to me. He loves his mama!

Anyways... off for now.. Please dont be shy... drop a note and say hi!


  1. Hey :) It's Mal from WOL. I stopped in to say hello!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. crystal3:52 PM

    Aww hi Mal.. thanks for stopping by! Dont get much traffic here.. but it is nice to be able to write my feelings about things...