Thursday, November 25, 2010

My babies.. they are all grown up.. I cant believe how time flies. Logan is almost 3 months old now.. Feels like just yesterday i had him. Alaina she is almost 2.5. totally makes me feel old.. And aaron? well hes going bald... lol just joking.. I am surprised he is not reading this over my shoulder.. lol I love him..

Today is thanksgiving.. He made a great dinner. Although we forgot about the altitude and didnt cook the turkey long enough so we had to nuke it.. lol Then i dropped corn all over the floor and just had a total melt down.

I am just soo stressed out. I mean my husband is getting ready to deploy again and he just got home. I am in a new place and away from family and its my first holiday away.. So yeah its been hard. But i am soo glad i got to spend it with my husband and children. Some friends i know dont even get that!  To my friends husbands that couldnt be home... Thank you, god bless, and come home soon!

Logan is getting soo big. He can roll over when he wants to. from belly to back that is. He is trying to crawl.  I really am not looking forward to that! i am gonna need to buy another baby gate! lol.

We got our new tv.. I am quite excited.. Gotta thank a guy named Marcus for not paying attention and rear ending us.. lol Geico paid for my tv... lol

Anyways... i am off of here.... hope all is well and you have a great thanksgiving!

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