Sunday, February 20, 2011


OK so yesterday we had the behaviorist come out to the house and she got to meet alaina.. Logan was playing on the floor and the first thing alaina did was hit him with one of his toys.. because zena was talking about him. Then as we were playing with color wonder markers.. alaina thought it would be funny to reach over and try to draw on her brothers forhead. Well zena told alaina to not do that as it wasnt nice. ALaina refused to follow directions and tried again. Zena told alaina we were all done with markers and we put them away..

That put alaina in to a tizzy fit.  Started throwing things, hit zena and trying to hit me and logan. Zena told her no and it was ok.. Got her interested in a book. Alaina tried to grab it out of her hands and zena told her no you need to ask for it. Alaina refused and started throwing a fit. Alaina never got the book till she asked for him.

Zena told me that if i ask her to do something in a demand way - Clean up your toys. Wipe off the Table. Sit down. That i need to follow through with it. I need to gain control and show her that i am the boss and that she isnt.

Zena also told me that if i give alaina the option to do something- Do you want to help me pick this up? Do you want to go outside? I cant get mad at her for her answer as it was a question and i was giving her a choice.

Zena let me know not to give in to things. if i had something and she tried to take it from me  I was to not give it to her unless she asked for the object specifically.

I have been using these tactics all day today and i can tell you its going to be rough! but lets hope she can stop with the fits and learn to be a little more nicer.

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  1. Hey hun if you get a chance could you give me a call? I would love to talk to you about this as it sounds like you and I are going through the same thing with our little ones and I could use some advice!