Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Sorry i havent posted in awhile.

thursday night was horrible. I asked my friend sara to come watch my kids so i could go to the ER i wasnt feeling oh so hot. I go to the ER and they tell me oh its just an upset tummy. I had vomiting, the poops, and pain in my stomach so bad i thought my guts were being ripped out. They gave me meds and sent me home. I get home around 330 in the morning and just as i got home my stomach starts hurting again.. after sara left it got sooo bad that i had to call sara back cause i was calling 911. The minute they got here i started getting sick they got in the ambulance and got to the hospital. they left me with no pain meds or anything. I called  for help out loud and it took like 10 times of me yelling for help. Someone finally came in was yelling at me cause i wouldnt leave the pulse meter on.. but i was in pain i didnt want crap attached to me. And he told me he couldnt give me any meds until the dr came in.. Eventually i was released to go home at 8 in the morning. So i pretty much spent 11pm-8am in the er.  I then came home and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

Saturday i still wasnt feeling good so we didnt do much and that was also sunday.

Monday i had alainas hearing appt and i had her assesment.  Her hearing appt we just went and got her new molds. Unfortunetly they dont have a certain part and they fall out sooo much. I think she knows they arent right. We then came home and i had a few hours to make sure my house was in a decent order.  The assesment was to see if she was on track for everything.  Apparently she is behind on communication ( obviously) cognitive and emotional and behavioral health.

Alaina get very frustrated easily. She has no problem hitting her self or someone else. She has gotten to the point she will slam her head against the floor or wall or anything really.

So we will be having a teacher come out during the week and a behaviorist out on weekends.

I was also told alaina will NOT have to be on a waiting list for preschool this year as she is special needs so she is garunteed a spot!

My dad isnt wanting her to go.. He doesnt like seeing her grow up. But we all know it will be good for her.

Today i had to go to the PX to pay a bill and buy some playdoh. While there i found out alaina had taken my military id out of my wallet.. Just found it about an hour ago..

So then i ran to safeway and did some grocery shopping.. more like milk and bread.. hahaha..

I cant wait for this month to be over I miss my husband so Very Very Very much. I am not ready for him to leave again... He has been home less then 10 months and he will be deploying again very soon. It sucks.

He is at JRTC right now and will be gone all month.

Anyways.. that has been my life for the last week...

Oh i guess i havent mentioned on here.. we got a puppy. hes a little dog a pap and pom mix.  hes a cutie.. but most def a puppy.. lol

hopefully i will start blogging again.. just havent been feeling all that grand!

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  1. So sorry you haven't been feeling well! I hope things improve! Glad to hear Alaina is heading to preschool, I think that sounds like a great thing for her! :)