Monday, July 04, 2011

almost a month..

I am soo sorry everyone, its been almost a month. So much as been going on. We moved.. alas but yet we might be moving again. I hate houses with stairs...  im not supposed to be in them.. but they think it was ok.

My back is killing me! i have scoliosis apparently... but OMG it hurts.... i cant even have sex it hurts that bad. I feel soo sorry for aaron cause i cant even fulfill him that way and hes getting ready to go defend our country.

anyways. Logan has an appt for the nuerosurgen and alaina well... shes alaina! gotta love her...

well i was told i need to blog.. sorry i dont have much to talk about.. i pretty much covered it.. haha...

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  1. I didn't say you NEED to blog... I said I missed reading it! Love you.