Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review

I enjoyed the book called save the date by jenny jones. It wasnt something i would normally pick out on the shelf as it does talk about god and i am not much of a religious person. I do love how she kept them down to earth even for being an NFL star. I love how she came up with the idea to mix and match with the needs of each other.. Him needing something for her and her needing something from him.  Its not a normal romance book. I dont want to give away too much cause i know people will want to read this book and i dont like it when others give it away for me... So Def pick up this book next time your out and check this book out!!!!

Jenny jones is a great author. I cant wait to find more books by her. Althought this book is not my favorite i would prolly save to read again on a rainy day!

I got this book free through Book Sneeze. Was required to write a review but just an honest one...

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