Saturday, January 29, 2011

things i am doing while aaron is gone..

SO i have tons of stuff i want to do  here is what i would like to accomplish while aaron is gone! i expect my readers to keep me on track!

1. Make headboard
2. Paint nightstands

1. End tables
2. Lamps
3. Throw rug and throw pillows.
4. Mount TV
5. Wall pictures or mirrors.

Things i HAVE TO BUY-
New xbox
New Freezer
New washer and dryer
Fix all my teeth.
New Glasses

I also must get alainas teeth checked and her eyes checked..

I will also be attending school! Yay for finishing my associates!!!!!!


  1. Crystal, I am glad I found this blog :)

    Glad you have a list of things to keep you busy!!!

  2. thanks jenny for reading my blog! Yeah i have a list.. I figured that way i can still shop. something that makes me happy and i can make my house look nice.