Monday, March 28, 2011

good morning!

Good morning.. Oh how last night was horrible. I didnt really sleep very good. Aaron had cq and i missed snuggleing. Even though he does cuddle.. I DO! lol

Granted i had the whole bed but ug... I am just thankful we didnt have 9834576984638754 mph winds last night.. that always scares me! It feels like my roof will fly off.

Anyways.. went to bed in pain last night. My mouth is killing me. and i woke up in pain this morning... my mouth is still killing me.

I called United concordia to see if i can make an appt back home to get it taken care of so i have someone to watch my kids.. I am still having issues getting logan in daycare.

They said they didnt have a problem as long as it was a participating dentist.. so alas when it 8 am there i am gonna call and see if i can get an appt. I have plenty of cavities i need to get taken care of but this one is bad...


Today is logans appt. so lets hope they can tell me something..

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