Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So last night i sprained my toe! How do you do that? I mean seriously!!!! lol Its not even my big toe or little one! its the toe next to my big one!  Its all purple and blue and swollen..

SO yeah i took logan to the dr yesterday and its been hell since then. I am trying to get something that is softer for him to lay in that wont continue to give him a flat spot on the back of his head.  If my kid has to wear a helmet because his dr is incompetent then we are gonna have issues!  So I had her write a perscription for a thing called a nap nanny.

But since it doesnt have a HCPC code. that my insurance wouldnt cover it and i was more then welcome to buy it myself.. but at 150-180 i cant afford it. 

So my drs office tells me there isnt anything medical equipment wise that will help my son. I knew that was a bunch of bull honkey so i went looking myself and came across 2 different items. So i called my drs office and asked for an authorization be put in to my insurance for both hoping i will get atleast one of them. They both have HCPC codes! 

Here is the first!
this  one is called the RESQ wedge. 

I figured it would be easier for traveling and what not.. maybe even being able to take it to daycare. Although he would have to go back through the SNAP program ( reviewed by drs on post) And if they dont approve it then i cant take it with him to daycare and if thats the case he wont go to daycare I will hire a private sitter for him. 

The second item i thought would be great to put in the crib since its the same size as a crib mattress! 

It stops him from rolling and from sliding down and it will keep him elevated enough that he wont choke and turn blue again... so lets hope something get approved and i can get something to help him.. 

Right now he is sleeping in this..

and if eventually going to out grow it.. and it has a hard plastic piece in it... so lets keep our fingers crossed something gets approved and i dont have to jump through more hoops to get him the help he needs!


  1. *fingers crossed* one of those gets approved!!!

  2. thanks! i hope soo too. I need something..