Saturday, September 24, 2011

well hello old friends! so much to talk about.. where do i start?


I got my referral for a nuero and called to make an appt. july of 2012 they said... Seriously??? So i kept calling around and the only office that had an opening this year refuses to take me as a patient. So talking with my dr i finally found one that my friend uses on the airforce academy.. Hope hes good!!!

Logan is doing great.. is standing and occasionally standing and not holding on.. Im pretty excited! He is still pretty far behind other kids his age and only in the 9th percentile for his weight... so well see how he does on monday.  Monday we have an eval to see if he is distinctivaly behind in anything.  I did switch him off of formula and on to whole milk so i am excited for that.

Alaina is in school and doing great. she is haveing some behaviour problems but thats expected! she is out of diapers and in pullups. She is learning to dress her self.

Aaron is doing good. he misses home but other then that hes doing good... just the same thing every day apparently.

Im doing ok. got on some meds but they arent enough.. i will be calling the dr and letting her know.. she needs to up the dosage...

sorry its been so long since i have updated this thing...

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