Thursday, January 20, 2011

So . Aaron took the car this morning so i couldnt go into the housing but lets say i was on the phone for over an hour calling and calling and demanding answers.. so  after about an hour i got 3 different stories

story 1- I  could be 9th on the list if they had my paperwork that they didnt have but until then i was 179.

Story 2 - I am 179 on the list  even with me having the paper work in ( that that had )

story 3- I am 4th on the list they have all the paper work they need now its just waiting for a house to open up. they are thinking around april..

i am believeing story 3 because it comes from assistant manager since manager is out.

I really hope they dont try to screw me again.. I am just irratated with this whole company.

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