Monday, January 17, 2011

Thankful For... special post!

Today is a little different.. Yesterday i asked if friends  would like to know why i was thankful for them.. So today thats what it is about...

Donna- Donna i am thankful for all the times you let me stay at your house with your awesome kids. I love them all so very much  Tad, Kayla and kat. They are all like siblings to me.. I love them all. I love you! You were like my second mom.. My home away from Home... All the times i crashed on your floor.. I remember you bringing home taco bell. And you were the one that drove me to the hospital when i needed stitches in my face... I miss those times! Thank you for letting me be a part of your family!

Anna- Anna i am sooo thankful for you. You were a steady hand when i needed someone to help me up during aarons deployment.  You are one of my closest friends ever.. Your daughter is like my daughter and my daughter is like yours.. Shilo is my buddy... I miss you all so very much.. there was many times i needed someone you and were always there...

Amy- Amy you have always been a friend. Ever since i met you at Einsteins, You and kylie are awesome to hang around. You always give me great advice and never afraid to help a buddy in need! thank you for everything you do! My life wouldnt be the same with out you!

Mel- Mel.. what can i say about you? I have you known you since aaron and i started talking! That is such a long time ago... You have been there for the ups and downs with aaron, the misscarriage, the birth of my daughter and son.. I hope one day i have the privilidge to meet you face to face and meet your adorable little boy!

Andy- I am thankful for you because you have always been like an aunt to me... You have been in my life since i was little! lol I am thankful for the fact that i know i can always turn to you for advice.

My mom--- Mommy.. what can i say? How do you tell your mother how thankful you are for them? I am thankful for you bringing me into this world. For giving me everything you could. For always putting us kids first. For working everyday even when your sick, when your tired, when your just wore out. Thank you for always getting up and making us dinner even tho there was times you just wanted to lay on the couch cause you were tired from working all the time.. There is soo much to list as to why i am thankful for you.. But the 1 thing i can say is ... I thankful you are my mom..

Jess- I am thankful for you always being my friend.. We have been through soo much. School. M. P. You getting me suspended! lol I remember when we lived together.. How you used to come to my apartment. Halo! You helping me with my shots.. Always taking care of me... Thank you!

Jenn- My love.. my best! My co truck driver.. You are the most amazing person in the world! You know everything i go through..You know my pains...  My ups, my downs. My sister on the other side of the united states. I was soo happy to come see you and meet your parents. To meet the love of your life. You have got to meet my love, and my daughter! You will get to meet my son soon! I promise!  I am so thankful that no matter what time of day or night i can always pick up the phone and call you to complain... to whine... to just talk.. I love you soo much!

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  1. Crystal - I love you like one of my own. You were always a great friend to my children and I loved having you around!! You are a blessing to this family and we are lucky to have you!! You have grown up to be quite a wonderful and lovely woman. You are a great Mom and I love you for all you are!! Thank you Honey for being a part of my family...