Saturday, January 22, 2011


So my husband has finally found out how hard it is to be alone with 2 kids. Its not easy.. you get frustrated and you have no where to go. He sees how hard it is to keep a clean house while having the 2 kids. I love him so very much.

Been in pain lately but hes nice enough to let me take pain killers. So i am on them now... pain is less but still not gone.

He made me southwestern eggrolls from a copy cat recipe from chilis!!! OMG i love chilis!!!!!

My house feels empty... I miss having more then 1 animal but i know its not fair to get another kitty cause small cat doesnt like other animals..

Today alaina went poop on the potty 2 times! i am sooo happy for her!!! I hope this continues!!!!!

Logan had green beans today and he ate the whole jar! He seemed to really like them.

Logan had a 4 month check up.. Yes 4 months! Can you believe it.. it felt like just yesterday that i had him.  He weighs 13.12  i thought he was a chunker but apparently hes not. Hes in the 19th percentile for his weight and 30 percentile for his height at 24 inches.

He is behind in alot of things but were working on them! and.... He did pass his hearing test!

Anyways... before i ramble on about nothing.. Thanks for reading.. feel free to leave comments.. ask questions.. Do whatever.. i love company..

btw... Today i am thankful for..... the weather! It has been very favorable for me and it has made it to where i can enjoy going out side!

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