Friday, February 18, 2011

day.. 39487598475934098670953

I must find  a way off this island.... This little girl keeps following me and calling me mom... have no clue who she is.... little boy just cries all day, the good dr says double ear infections... No clue what that is.. but must stay away. The natives seem to have 2 furry things that run around. 1 like to dig.. wonder if he will dig us out of here.. other furry creature just seems to like to eat and be lazy. None of the natives seem to want to leave.  Must get off this island..

HAHAHAHA thats what i feel like right now..

Alaina decided to color all over the floor with black crayon! grrrrr. and logan well he doesnt feel good so now he is in our room crying... gotta by a baby monitor.. i can hear him but cant see him right now..

The dog keeps digging to china and if you know me... you know i like a nice yard.. well my back yard is dirt.. and it drives me up a wall but i am not going to be in this house much longer so i see no need in trying to make the back yard nice... let the mud hole lie..

really miss my husband today.. i just wish he could hold me... i wish i could be laying in his arms as i drift off to sleep... ( but lord please let me get to sleep before him.. that man can snore!)

i guess a few guys out there with him have asked him how do i sleep with him.. or do we have seperate rooms... lol Theres a trick to it! lol... i bound and gag him with his dirty socks... lol jokes! but there is a secret.

Well today i didnt do much besides try to clean up a little.. my kitchen is trashed.. always the last room to get done... but ya know what.. i am at wits end right now and i just really dont have the energy to get up and clean it...

anyways... i am off here... i am gonna try to get logan to go to sleep so i can too! good night everyone!

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  1. Hope you are doing ok, Crystal! :) Thinking of you!