Thursday, February 17, 2011

ug i know

I know my blog has been a downer... but seriously.. thats my life..

I have a problem.. and i need ideas on how to fix it... i have a shopping addiction.. I dont care how much money i have i will spend it... it gets to the point that i dont care i have bills to pay.. I have read it another sign of bipolar.. cause after i spend it i regret it...

i just dont know how to stop.. I am trying really hard.. i have a list of things i am allowed to buy when aaron leaves.. so i have to stick to that... but its before he leaves thats getting hard.. i get sad.. i shop.. i get mad.. i shop.. i am happy... i shop.. i did however pay off 2800 in credit cards just this week... so i can say that felt good.

any ideas on how to stop shopping??????????

oh and btw.. 12 lbs down since aaron left.. Dinner tonight was awful... and i am exhausted... logan has 2 ear infections... and alaina is not helping anything! so i am off to bed at 20:18 good night!

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