Friday, March 18, 2011

at a loss

So i have this dog.. bruno.. hes a great dog.. but he pees on the floor when being yelled at, trying to wipe his feet or anything else like that.. Other then that hes a good dog. But with the diagnosis of scolisos and MS and logan getting ready to crawl i just dont think its worth it for my son to be crawling around in dog pee.

For example... I found a thing of dog pee that was dried and my daughters been playing right there... kind of annoying if you ask me...

Granted he is my daughters dog.. but my kids shouldnt have to play in dog pee... i just dont know what to do.. And yes he does go outside all the time!


  1. Alicia10:28 AM

    With everything going on in your life I think it would be best for you, your family, and Bruno if you found another home for him. Sounds like he needs to re-training or training and that takes time. Time in which you don't necessarily have. I know its a tough choice but you are right, your kids do not need to be playing around in dog pee.

  2. thanks... i just hate getting rid of animals.. i mean i have had my cat since she was like 5 weeks old.. she going on 7 now. i hate hate hate giving away pets.. especially since my daughter is attached to him.. but its like how do i jeopardize their health?

  3. I agree that it sounds like he needs more training than you have time for. I know it is hard to get rid of a pet but there are some things that are deal breakers with pets. Peeing on the floor is oen of them. We have gotten rid of several dogs that just could not be potty trained and pee on my floor is one thing that I will not tolerate. I would suggest finding him a new home and then waiting until the kids are older before considering another dog.

  4. yup katie... thats what i am gonna do.. no more doggies for us for awhile.. not till my babies are older.. No more kittens till smallcat is gone..( i cant be with out a cat)

    i just dont have time nor is my health good enough to care and train him... As much as he is a good dog and i trust him around my kids.. i just cant do it..