Thursday, March 17, 2011


So my left leg.. the one i couldnt lift.. is getting much better. That is the knee i have arthritis in. I dont know if something is messing with the muscles or what but it was annoying.. BUT now that hip that was super sensitive is still super sensitive under the skin but the skin its self is numb.. go figure.

My right leg is soo numb it hurts.. I really wish they would figure this out. I am now on steriods 2 times a day and not 3. hopefully it will get better by the time i am off of them.

The mri place called yesterday and wanted to schedule my mri but i cant till i get approval through tricare.. so i told them to call me back.


So i am little frustrated. The only thing i have asked my husband to do is help put laundry away, clean the kitchen and cook dinner ( hes a great cook!)

Do you think he can do any of them? NO.

our clean clothes are on the floor in the bedroom, i am cleaning the kitchen.. and he bitches he has to cook.

Granted he works all day but so do i. I take care of 2 kids. And any parent knows that that is a hard job.

I have time to play on the puter ( obviously), watch tv, play outside, play inside, do laundry, vacuum,  lunch, breakfast, sweep and mop, and everything else but he doesnt have time to help me? this is his home too.

I feel like i am cleaning up after 3 kids. This is his day

Hes up, goes to work ( some days just hands out ammo- like lately) comes home, bitches, cooks, eats, and then passes out on the couch...

But yet, he just trashes my house... I just want some help.. is that so hard? I asked him one day if he could help out and he told me he acknowledged what i was saying.. but nothing has changed..

oh and do you think he has made another counseling appt? yeah freaking right...


  1. You know if I could slap him I would. This actually kind of really makes me angry the way he is being at the moment. If you need ANYTHING you call me. Even to vent hun.

  2. thanks katie.. i am just getting to the point that i am tired of haveing to do everything!