Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being Four

Today i got the chance to review a book called Being Four by Kim Cormack

It was a very touching book. It brought back tons of memories of things as a child. Things i get to look forward to in my childrens life. Things that i never took the time to notice that my daughter was seeing. Granted this book is more suitable for a book to read to your child, it is a great book that i as a 27  yr old mother of 2 enjoyed reading. I sat and stared at the pictures on the pages for awhile as my mind wondered, back to my childhood and how many of the pictures in the book could have been what i was seeing 

I really hope this book comes out in print as i think my daughter would love looking at the pictures and seeing how each childhood is different but yet many children have the same memories.

OOPS! I just wanted to edit this.. I guess the book is in print! I would def recommend getting this book and reading it to  your kids.. No matter the ages! Also check out the authors website at:


  1. Thank you so much for seeing clearly what I was dreaming of that night in 2009.
    I awoke from a dream about being little,and holding a baby chick for the very first time.
    Then it all came back to me, all the moments we forget about as we get older.
    May you always take a moment to notice the rainbows in your bubble bath.

    Kim Cormack ;)

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I dreamed a children's book once but as usual I haven't done anything with it! my failure to publish anything!