Tuesday, March 22, 2011

good morning!

Why must my daughter fight me to go to bed... and then fight me to stay asleep, and then fight me to get up?

She fought me last night to go to bed. She finally passed out around 830 on the couch. So i was in the middle of a show so i let her sleep. Then as my show was getting over i was like ill carry her to bed. NOPE she was waking up. So i just started another show.. She went back to sleep so when that show was over i carried her to bed. She fought me a little and then was out again. Thank GOD! Then about 4 am this morning she woke up freaking out. I dont know why she does this.. But its like every morning she freaks out about 4 am. So i went and got her brought her to my bed and she starts screaming, which in return wakes up logan!  Sometimes its days like this that i wish logan couldnt hear anything.. Is that bad of me to say?

So i moved logan out of the room so i could get alaina to sleep.  Finally get her back to sleep but guess who wasnt tired enough to go back to sleep? ME! so i lay there cause if i move alaina wakes up. So then i just get back to sleep ( like 10 mins) and boom!!! alaina is up.  Trying to get this kid to sleep is almost impossible nowa-days.  I dont know what else to do. We have eliminated naps all together. So she no longer gets a nap. Plus we let her run and jump till her heart is content.. which wears her out but alas no sleep for the wicked... lol

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