Friday, October 28, 2011

DO you ever wonder?

Think back 10 yrs... what were you doing???

Me i was 18. In high school.  YOu know being a senior! GO MUSTANGS! ( sorry haha), out with friends doing things before curfew ( for those of you who had one.)

Do you wonder what your life would be like if only something that year didnt happen the way it did? Would you have met your spouse sooner, or not at all?  Would you have your kids?

Today i have just sat back and looked at my life, now that i have turned 28. Where am i? Am i where i wanted to be? Where am i supposed to be at 28????

I have my husband.... god bless him... ( come home safe baby), I have my babies... love them to death! but i dont have much more.. i dont have a degree, i dont have a career. Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me lazy?

Im just totally lost and its like i am in a maze and totally confused on where the hell i am supposed to go and what the hell i am supposed to be doing...

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