Friday, October 28, 2011

first thing in the morning..

I hate getting out of bed. I wish i could lay there and waste the day away. Not have to get up and worry about 1 kid who is up my ass all day and needy and the other one who throws temper tantrums all the time. I just wish that i could get up when i want to get up and just relax before i get my day started. As you can tell i am NOT a morning person.  I have been out of bed 6 min.35 secs and my daughter has already gotten in trouble 3 times. I have already changed 1 diaper, gotten 2 kids something to drink and my daughter is acting like i starve her. Cant mommy just sit for 10 mins?

Yesterday i was just sooo exhausted i canceled one of my appts. I just couldnt drag myself out that early. I would have had to get the kids to the daycare by 9. to my appt by 10, pick them up at 1130 and get alaina on the bus by noon. It was just too much for me.

Since writing this paragraph i already had to get up and yell at alaina because she was getting into stuff. Now logan is sitting in the kitchen yelling.

I cant wait for their dad to come home so i cant have a break, shower alone... maybe get a full night of sleep.

Yeah its be bitching again and i am sorry but honestly this is what my life is like.. I may put on a smile and open the front door and act as everything is ok... but its not... i am soooo stressed out.

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